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PLN Sumenep Abaikan Rekomendasi Bupati, 4 Dusun Belum Ada Aliran Listrik

lintasmaduranews - PLN Officer Sumenep, Madura, East Java, ignoring the recommendation Regent Sumenep No. 671.1 / 596 / 435.209 / 2011 on lighting the lamp in the district of Batang-Batang. As a result, a total of 209 families (KK) at 4 Hamlet, Village Jangkong, District of Batang-Batang, until now there has been teraliri electricity network. Sumenep Local legislators from Stem-Stem, H. Nayatullah bin Superang, admitted surprise against PLN officers were impressed ignore Letters of Recommendation Regent Sumenep, KH. A. Karim Busyro it. "It's been a long letter of submission of application to the PT. PLN East Java, and accompanied by recommendations from the Regent Sumenep posted. But, up until now there has been no action from the PLN, "said H. Nayat. According to him, in the village of Jangkong that there are about 500 families, but 209 households of which has not been scattered electric teraliri 4 Hamlet, the Hamlet Galis, Pardikan, Porajen , and Hamlet Rungbiru. "We are very sorry, because in their areas hitherto teraliri electricity network. In fact, in the area there are students who need electric lighting at night to study, "he explained. H. Nayat revealed, the efforts made ​​in 4 Hamlet's residents, in order to be electrified, forced a way to the neighboring village lodged a distance of about 2 kilometers. "They're not concerned with the danger or not, is important to the residents there (Village Jangkong, red) can teraliri power, even with lodged, "he said. For that, go Nayat, it asked the government to quickly follow up on this issue, because it was needed by the local community. (sum)